Past appearances of the band

15/02/2020Victoria Institute, ArundelValentine's Dance
23/11/2019Fontwell RacecourseCare for Veterans Ball
26/08/2019Arundel Town SquareArundel Festival
17/08/2019Clapham & Patching Village Hall40th Wedding Anniversary
17/08/2019Arundel Town SquareArundel Festival
13/07/2019Private House50th Wedding Anniversary
13/07/2019Arundel MuseumMuseum Fete
29/06/2019Willowhale Centre, Aldwick60th Birthday Party
22/06/2019St Nicholas Church, ArundelChurch Fete
15/06/2019South Stoke BarnWedding Reception
21/03/2019St Mary's Church Hall, GoringGoring Residents' Association Social Evening
02/02/2019Rustington Manor70th Birthday Party
24/11/2018Fontwell RacecourseCare for Veterans, Glitter Ball
25/08/2018Arundel Town SquareArundel Festival
18/08/2018Worthing Sailing ClubDart National Championships
21/07/2018Lyminster ChurchChurch Fete
14/07/2018Arundel MuseumArundel Museum Fete
30/06/2018St Nicholas Church, ArundelChurch Fete
09/06/2018Arundel C of E SchoolFACES Summer Fayre
05/05/2018Norfolk Arms, ArundelRotary Club Charter Evening
02/12/2017Sullington Parish HallStorrington Tennis Club Christmas Party
18/11/2017Avisford Park Hilton HotelQAHH Glitter Ball
27/10/2017Avisford Park Hilton HotelSt Richard's Hospital Critical Care Rehabilitation Charity Ball
28/08/2017Arundel Town SquareArundel Festival
19/08/2017Arundel Town SquareArundel Festival
29/07/2017Bury ChurchChurch Fete
22/07/2017Lyminster ChurchChurch Fete
08/07/2017Jubilee Gardens ArundelArundel Museum Fete
11/06/2017Boxgrove Village HallRotary Club of Chichester Harbour - "Families in Need" Fund Raiser
10/06/2017Arundel C of E SchoolFACES Summer Fayre
06/05/2017Jubilee Gardens ArundelMacmillan Day
24/03/2017Worthing Golf ClubCaptain's Social Event
18/02/2017Pagham Village HallMulberries Charity Event
11/02/2017Worthing Sailing Club30th Wedding Anniversary
07/01/2017Worthing Sailing Club50th Birthday Surprise
08/10/2016Avisford Park Hilton HotelQAHH Glitter Ball
10/09/2016Worthing Sailing ClubSocial Event
29/08/2016Arundel Town SquareArundel Festival
20/08/2016Arundel Town SquareArundel Festival
11/08/2016South Stoke BarnGig for German Guests
16/07/2016Lyminster ChurchLyminster Church Fete
02/07/2016Arundel LidoSt Nicholas Church Fete
25/06/2016Burpham Village Hall60th Birthday Party
28/05/2016Cathedral Centre, ArundelRotary Club Dinner-Dance
30/04/2016Private PartyBirthday Party
30/01/2016The Eagle, ArundelPrivate Party
28/11/2015Pagham Village HallMulberries Event
14/11/2015Bognor Golf clubFelpham Sailing Club Dinner Dance
17/10/2015The Cathedral Centre, ArundelPrivate Party
10/10/2015Amex Stadium BrightonPyecombe Golf Club Dinner Dance
22/08/2015Arundel Town SquareArundel Festival
18/07/2015Bognor Regis Golf ClubCaptain's Summer Event
11/07/2015West Sussex Golf ClubSocial Event
04/07/2015The Lido, ArundelSt. Nicholas Church Fete
04/07/2015Home Farm, WephamBurpham Village Gig
13/06/2015Arundel C. of E. SchoolSummer Fayre
21/03/2015Worthing Leisure Centre60th Birthday Celebration
20/03/2015Worthing Golf ClubDinner & Dance
27/12/2014Newtown Sports & Social ClubWedding
25/08/2014Arundel LidoEnd of Festival Party
16/08/2014Bognor Regis Golf ClubClub Social
19/07/2014Lyminster ChurchLyminster Fete
12/07/2014Westbourne House SchoolMNDA Seventies Dinner Dance
11/07/2014Worthing Golf ClubCaptains Social Night
28/06/2014St Nicholas Church, ArundelSt. Nicholas Church Fete
14/06/2014Arundel C of E SchoolFACES Summer Fayre
14/06/2014West Sussex Golf Club, PulboroughMembers 'Jump Up'
07/06/2014Home Farm, WephamBurpham Village Gig
28/03/2014Highdown Vineyard4SIGHT Charity Fund Raiser
22/02/2014Pagham Village HallThe Mulberries - Fund Raising Dance
18/01/2014Middleton Sports ClubPrivate Party
14/09/2013Highdown VineyardWedding (Private)
26/08/2013Town Square, ArundelTown & Country Fayre (Rotary Club)
26/08/2013Arundel LidoEnd of Festival Party
18/08/2013Town Square, ArundelArundel Festival
27/07/2013Cathedral Centre, ArundelPrivate Party
20/07/2013Lyminster ChurchLyminster Fete
13/07/2013St Nicholas, ArundelSt Nicholas Church fete
13/07/2013Westbourne House SchoolMNDA Sixties Dinner Dance
06/07/2013Ham Manor Golf ClubSummer Picnic Prom
11/05/2013Eartham HouseWedding Reception
27/04/2013Arundel C of E SchoolSpring Fayre
20/04/2013St Mary's HallStegaurach Fund Raiser
23/03/2013St Mary's HallRotary Club Charity Dance
09/02/2013Norfolk ArmsWedding Anniversary
01/12/2012The White Swan, Arundel40th Wedding Celebration
03/11/2012Arundel Town Hall50th Birthday Celebration
22/09/2012Arundel Town Hall50th Wedding Celebration
15/09/2012St Faith Church, HavantTown Fair
27/08/2012Town Square, ArundelRotary Club Fair
27/08/2012Arundel LidoEnd of Festival Party
19/08/2012Town Square, ArundelArundel Festival
19/08/2012St. Nicholas Church, ArundelParty for German Visitors
16/06/2012ArundelPrivate Party
04/06/2012St Nicholas Church, ArundelSt Nicholas Church Fete
11/02/2012Arundel Scout HutFund Raiser
03/12/2011Climping Villiage HallCharity Holly Hall Ball
15/10/2011Avisford HiltonCharity Halloween Ball
24/09/2011Worthing Tennis Club125th Anniversary
29/08/2011Town Square ArundelRotary Club Fair
29/08/2011Arundel LidoArundel Festival Finale
27/08/2011Town Square ArundelArundel Festival
30/07/2011Arundel LidoGolden Party
02/07/2011St Nicholas Church, ArundelSt Nicholas Church Fete
28/05/2011Blakehurst ("Blakestock")Charity Fund Raiser
29/04/2011Maltravers St., ArundelRoyal Wedding Street Party
05/02/2011St Mary's Hall ArundelSpring Party
16/10/2010South Stoke BarnPrivate Party
30/08/2010Arundel Town SquareTown & Country Fayre (Rotary Club)
30/08/2010Arundel LidoThe Arundel Festival Finale
02/08/2010Stegaurach, Bavaria, GermanyArundel - Stegaurach Partnership Gig
17/07/2010Lyminster ChurchLymister Fete
10/07/2010Howard RoadPrivate Celebration
03/07/2010St Nicholas ChurchSt Nicholas Church Fete
20/03/2010Arundel CastleLaunch of Green Campaign
05/12/2009Arundel Town HallBirthday Celebration
12/09/2009The Red Lion, Arundel(Public House)
05/09/2009Wildfowl & Wetlands TrustPrivate Party
31/08/2009Arundel Town SquareTown & Country Fayre (Rotary Club)
31/08/2009Arundel LidoThe Arundel Festival Finale
18/07/2009Lyminster ChurchChurch Fete
04/07/2009St Nicholas ChurchSt Nicholas Church Fete
04/07/2009Torton Hill RoadRuby Wedding Celebration
20/06/2009Willowhale Centre, AldwickPrivate Birthday Party
23/05/2009Arundel LidoThe Lido Opening Night
07/03/2009Arundel Town HallBirthday Celebration
18/10/2008St Nicholas ChurchChurch Social Event
07/09/2008Shopwyke Hall, ChichesterCharity Event, African Fund-raiser
03/09/2008St Nicholas ChurchInduction of Fr. David Farrer
31/08/2008The Lido, ArundelThe Arundel Festival Finale
25/08/2008Arundel Town SquareTown & Country Fayre (Rotary Club)
23/08/2008ClimpingPrivate Wedding Reception
19/07/2008Lyminster ChurchLymister Fete
05/07/2008Toad Hall, ArundelPrivate Party
21/06/2008St Nicholas ChurchSt Nicholas Church Fete
03/05/2008Climping Village HallPrivate Party for Octogenarian
26/01/2008Arundel Football ClubBavarian Link Fund Raiser
12/01/2008Arundel Scout HutBirthday Party (CM)
17/11/2007The White Swan, ArundelWedding Reception
27/10/2007Epsom CollegeCollege Re-union
02/09/2007Arundel LidoThe Arundel Festival Finale
27/08/2007Arundel Town SquareSt Nicholas Church Fete
26/08/2007Arundel Town SquareTown & Country Fayre (Rotary Club)
25/07/2007St. Nicholas Church Arundel"The Bog Rolling Stones" (Support)
14/07/2007Lido ArundelArundel Museum Fund Raiser
13/07/2007South Stoke BarnChichester & Worthing Magistrates Hog Roast
09/06/2007St Mary's Church Hall, GoringCharity Fund Raiser
21/04/2007The Woodlands Centre RustingtonLion's Club Dinner
10/03/2007St Mary's Hall ArundelNSPCC Dinner - Dance
02/12/2006St. Nicholas Church ArundelBand Gig at St Nicholas Church
28/08/2006Arundel Town SquareSt Nicholas Church Fete
27/08/2006Arundel Town SquareTown & Country Fayre (Rotary Club)
29/07/2006Stegaurach, Bavaria, GermanyArundel - Stegaurach Partnership Gig
24/06/2006Farm at ThakehamThakeham Primary School Barn Dance
20/05/2006St Mary's Hall ArundelCharity fund raiser for Arundel Hospital
21/01/2006Arundel Football ClubChurch New Year's Party
28/08/2005Arundel Town SquareSt Nicholas Church Fete
09/07/2005St. Nicholas Church ArundelChurch Concert

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