In stark contrast to the torrential rain that forced the organisers to abandon our scheduled gig last year, today, performing in glorious sunshine in Arundel town square, the band celebrated its tenth year of playing in one of its favourite venues.

The first of these events was the St Nicholas’ Church Fete of 2005. As it was only the band’s second outing since forming, the somewhat limited repertoire was hastily boosted to enable a reasonable set list to be assembled. Drawn from the surroundings by music and the sunshine, a sizeable crowd assembled as we played. They spurred us on and left us no option but to play the same set twice. Had we had any doubt, it was clear from that day that the band had a future.

The following year saw an invitation from the Arundel Rotary Club for us to play during their Town & Country Fayre, held annually in the square. This proved to be the first of many such occasions spanning the intervening years to the present day. Two years ago, in recognition of the band’s support over the years, the Rotary Club generously assisted us in helping to fund a much needed replacement PA system.

Since 2011, we have been invited to perform as an official part of the Arundel Festival programme.

Whilst recent years have seen the band’s horizons widen, with gigs in Hampshire, Surrey and coming up later this year, East Sussex, Arundel, especially the town square, along with St Nicholas Church will remain its “spiritual” home.

The present line up consists of: John Prideaux – keyboards, guitar, mouth organ, violin & vocals, Chris Monaghan – lead guitar, mandolin and vocals, Will Spurway – bass guitar and vocals, Nigel Constable - drums and Dave Levett - Sound & keyboards

We thank other former members who have contributed to the band's success over the past ten years, namely: - Neville Bonner - saxophone & keyboards, Gerry Kelsey - lead guitar and vocals, John Ward - bass guitar & vocals and drummers, Chris Grout-Smith & Robert Mechlin

September 2017: -

We remember Andy Shepherd, formerly our rhythm guitarist, lead vocalist and supplementary percussionist, who has sadly passed away. May he rest in peace.

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