In June of 2005 the congregation of St Nicholas Parish Church Arundel (click to visit the Website) were asked to fill out a talent sheet and it was discovered the there were a few old rockers amongst the congregation. So they were asked if they could form a band for a concert in the church and met up a few weeks later to see if it would work. It quickly became apparent that there was indeed the makings of a band.

It was surprising to discover that several band members had been professional musicians at sometime during their earlier years, having played at some very celebrated rock venues such as the Marquee Club in Waldor Street, London Theatres, the Brighton Festival and the Daily Express Pop Concerts at the Wembley Arena either with other bands or backing well known artists of the day, to mention but a few.

Later that month the band duly made its debut at St Nicholas Church concert, to a "captive audience", the short performance receiving a warm reception. On this basis the band agreed to continue; however, the next engagement was not going to be so easy. They were asked to play at the church fete in the town square on August Bank Holiday Monday with all the acoustic problems of playing outside and with an audience that would be mobile and could easily walk away.

A program was put together of well known and popular rock numbers that most people would know. That afternoon Arundel rocked! It was obvious that the band should carry on playing!

It is an assumption by most people that a rock band with attachments to a church is going to be a bit on the tame side. However, with music influences ranging from Steppenwolf to Dire Straits and Def Leppard to Eric Clapton, this band was going to be far from tame!

January 2006 saw an engagement at the Arundel Football Club which had everyone up on their feet, it was quite a sight! The evening started with Chris giving a finger blistering interpretation of Mark Knopflers ‘Sultans of Swing’, followed by Will’s harmonic version of Wet Wet Wet’s ‘Love is all around’. The evening finished with Gerry’s gritty rendition of the Mark Bolan classic ‘Get it on’, with John, the keyboard player standing on his chair and playing, it was more reminiscent of Jerry Lee Lewis or Little Richard and according to one observer, even the tables and chairs were dancing at the end.

The original line up of the band was: John Prideaux – Keyboards, guitar vocals, Chris Monaghan – lead guitar and vocals, Gerry Kelsey – lead guitar and vocals, Will Spurway – rhythm guitar and vocals, John Ward – bass guitar and backing vocals, Robert Mechlin - drums. When Robert Mechlin returned to the USA, he was superseded by Chris Grout-Smith. Shortly after this, saw the arrival of Neville Bonner on Saxophone. Over the spring and summer of 2007, Chris realised that he could no longer continue playing the drums for us due to his commitments with other bands. After a short period of uncertainty as to whom would take over, we were delighted to welcome Nigel Constable, who continues to play for us now.

Following Gerry Kelsey's move away from the area in 2011, the band was back to being a six-piece outfit ...the story continues - click here

If you wish to know more about the band or enquire about bookings, click here.

This page was originally based on an article in the June 2006 edition of Arundel's magazine "The Bell".

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