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After the presentation in Arundel town square

At a gig earlier this year we received a "warning shot across the bows" of impending failure from some of our aged equipment. We took the decision that, to allow us to continue with our work reliably into the future, a new PA system was needed. Consequently, we put out a local appeal for donations in support of the necessary investment. To our delight, our venture has been supported by several individuals and most recently by a generous donation from the Rotary Club of Arundel. In presenting their cheque, at our Bank Holiday Monday gig (26/08/13), their chairman said that they were pleased to help out, as we had done so much over the past years to support them in their efforts to raise charitable funds.

Since the group formed back in 2005, Arundel town square has been one of the favourite venues for "The Alternatives". We trust that we will have the opportunity to continue our support of the Rotary Club for many years to come.

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