– but marketing is a damp squib?

The final night of the Arundel festival was punctuated once again with a party at the Lido and a spectacular display of fireworks.

And once again the Arundel based rock covers band The Alternatives were asked to get the party sizzling with their rousing renditions of old rock favourites such as the Stone’s Honky Tonk Woman and T-Rex’s Get it on. (I write this with a certain bias as the keyboard player and one of the band’s vocalists).

To be able to combine having fun, helping others to have fun (and I think a marquee full of dancing and singing people is a reasonably positive sign) and raising money for local charities, is quite a privilege. This event also had a special significance for the band, as it was our 50th performance – it was definitely one of our favourites!

Since our debut in June 2005 to play three numbers at an eclectic musical concert at St Nicholas Church Arundel, we have raised thousands of pounds for the church and local charities - including Save the Children, Chestnut Tree Trust and Worthing Homeless - for no other reward than the fun and satisfaction of performing and raising money for good causes!

However, like many bands, we focus a lot on our playing, our gear, and drinking in St Mary’s Gate after practice. But we’re pretty poor at marketing ourselves!

Having played in a few bands (though not as many as our veteran bass player John Ward who was a pro player as far back as the 1960’s!) I’m aware that this is a common weak spot. Because unlike all the other things that go with playing in a band it’s the least fun!

Since, as a reader of this magazine, you are likely to be a resident of Arundel, you may have heard the band and have decided that seeing us once a year at the Lido or in the town square is more than enough excitement, which is why we are seeking to spread our following (and I think we have one) further afield to Chichester and Worthing – and possibly as far North as Pulborough!

As a lively seven-piece rock band, that people love to dance to, The Alternatives are ideally suited to large venues and outdoor events such as fetes and garden parties, but we are always happy to squeeze into smaller spaces and have played at a range of venues including Arundel Football Club, The Town Hall, The Red Lion and of course in St Nicholas Church.

Our growing repertoire of classic covers includes numbers from a variety of artists including The Who, The Beatles, The Kinks, Eric Clapton, Elton John, Robbie Williams, Dire Straits, Status Quo and even AC/DC and many more.

If you would like to do your part and help us get bookings so that we can continue to raise money for charities in our area (we don’t get a penny), we would be delighted if you could put us in touch with anyone who might be interested in booking the band for their society ‘do’, charity event or private party. We offer a variety of mutually beneficial fee arrangements depending on the event, the location; opportunities for including bucket collections and other considerations … and we guarantee that we’ll have all but the most dedicated sit-down dancers up on their feet!

For private or commercial parties (pubs & clubs) The Alternatives are available for hire for less than half the price of an agency booked seven-piece rock band. (Which are also hard to come by!)

If you would like the band to play for your event or for someone you know please contact us via the enquiry form on this site.

By booking the band you will be helping local charities to make the lives of others better, and we’ll all have a blast!!

John Prideaux (Keyboards)

The content of this page is based on a recent article in Arundel's local magazine called "The Bell".

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